Saturday, November 9, 2013

Completing the Mission.... Despite the Conditions

Day 7

Well, our final day here in Belize was devoted to sharing the resources that we had worked so hard to
put together earlier in the week.

Our team, along with the villagers from Arizona, Teakettle and Young Gal spent the entire day praying with families and delivering beds, blankets, sheets and food throughout the village of Maya Mopan.  And we managed to distribute every last provision - in the rain!

We waded, slipped, slid and spun through the water and mud to complete our mission service.

So, we leave you all with one photo to describe our efforts.  And we look forward to sharing the details of our last day, along with the rest of the experience, at the Belize ReLive presentation - coming in a few weeks.

Quest Church, your Nov. 2013 Belize Missionaries are coming home......



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