Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fry Jacks for Breakfast help make Mission Blankets and Beds....

Greetings from Always Beautiful Belize!!

Our missionaries woke early Monday morning to spend time in their devotionals and prepare for the first day of group work projects.  As we sat on the screened porches and in the garden hammocks enjoying the sights and sounds, rumors began to fly that "fry jacks" were hot and ready in the kitchen.
For those of you who may not know what fry jacks are, let me describe them:  Imagine a very light, thin pastry that is made in a triangular shape and fried in the shallow oil from a black iron skillet.  Although there is no sweet component, the dough is irresistible - and so we have nicknamed it the "Krispy Kreme of Belize".... now we just have to convince them to drown it in a sugary glaze!!

Once breakfast had finished, vans driven by James Thomas and German began to depart our camp bound for various villages.  They returned soon with what seemed to be fifty of our Belizean friends who would spend the day working along side us.

The Women's Group met in the chapel and had over 30 ladies representing several generations.  Most brought their infants and young children along with them.  The ladies spent the day in fellowship together making blankets, having lunch and sharing several scriptural lessons/activities.  Our Quest missionary women were so very blessed to be here in community with their Belizean sisters.

As the ladies worked in the chapel they had to endure the sounds of chop saws, circular saws and drills.  The Men's Group was about thirty feet away crafting beds under the tool shed - and having a great time doing so.  Matt MacDonald lead the first day's lunch lesson on our theme of GRACE. Belize it or not, Travis Cain once again led the charge and 35 beds were completely finished in one day!  From a personal standpoint, it was a pleasure to be working side by side with young men like Julio, Luis, Pedro and Joshua.  And it was refreshing to welcome a few new faces into our clan - like Angel, James and Rudolpho.  When each bed was finished, Matt pulled the branding iron from the fire and burned a cross into the head boards and foot boards.

Similar to last November's experience, our team took turns entertaining the children of the men and women participating in this week's camp.  The infants and some toddlers spent time in the Maya House kitchen watching movies, napping and screaming.  Vickie Veatch helped to organize activities for older children on the large screened porch - and from the sounds of things, an exhaustively good time was had by all.  :)

Our day ended around 4pm and everyone gathered around the vans to say goodbye and return home.
The weather was perfect, the fellowship was great and the Lord's work continued.

In Christ (and on behalf of Quest missionaries)


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