Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 1: On The Ground

Greetings from breezy Belize! The team arrived in Belize this afternoon and found the temperatures pleasantly (and surprisingly!) mild.....though we have been assured that things will heat back up in due time. Not even that can dampen our enthusiasm, though, as we get ready for what God has in store for us over the next few days.


We stopped for lunch (and more than a few laughs) after leaving the airport, and then went straight to the site of the brand new building for the Evangelical Quest Church. Our team was so anxious to see the building we had heard so much about. We were not disappointed.


As He always is, the Lord proved Himself faithful in His provision of the perfect facility at the perfect time for our sister church. As we walked through the worship area and what will soon be newly-refurbished Sunday school classrooms, three words echoed over and over: "God is good....God is good......" The building is beautiful, and we can only anticipate the amazing things God will do in that space.

A quick stop by the "old EQC campus" was a must, too, so new team members could see it for the first time.

The day wrapped up in relaxing Belizean style: hammocks, coconuts, and friends. Many of us made new friends, but many of our team members caught up with old friends, too. Both experiences are important parts of what we do in Belize. New friendships are special, but the opportunity to get reacquainted with people after several months - or years - is a treasure. We're excited to know that there is more to come this week.



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