Thursday, November 7, 2013

Assessing Needs and Clothing Provisions....

Day 5

We spent the entire day with our sister church members and were able to provide each of them with a huge bag of clothes.  Pastor German provided the resources but Quest missionaries had to sort and organize the clothes into men, women and children's categories.

We used the EQC worship facility and pushed all the benches against the wall.  Then several men took turns lowering bags of clothes from the upper room above the church to the floor below.  Missionaries then spent hours sorting the bags.

Matt and Curt MacDonald spent much of their time in the upper room moving bags of clothes and cleaning.  Each team member was required to wear a dust mask, as the humid Belize climate had made the clothes dusty and damp.

 Vickie poses for the camera as she sorts clothes in EQC.

Debbie works to quickly categorize sizes.

Micheal Albright organizes the young boys section.

Betsi works with EQC members and friends to fill bags of clothing for various families.

Shannon stops for the camera during work.

Children are always livening the mood at mission events - and this was no exception.  This one yellow slide kept about 6 kids entertained for hours. Their faces are always so very bright and loving.

 I will end with this photo of Travis taking a break to hold one of the youngest helpers, as his mother spent time selecting her clothes.  The Belizean people - these families that are now our forever friends - are truly a beautiful blessing to our lives.  It remains a honor to serve them even in the smallest of ways.

Blessings to All,

Joey  (on behalf of your Quest missionaries)

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