Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back to Belize - April 2012

So on Monday, April 2, a team of 23 will depart the USA for Belize, Central America. The Quest Church began a long-term relationship with The Evangelical Quest Church in Belize just a couple of years ago, and that relationship continues to grow and flourish. Our mission is to partner with this church to love and share Jesus with the surrounding communities through various means (worship, construction projects, medical teams, kids ministries, etc).

As we prepare to go, will you pray for us?

Here is a list of the 23 people on Quest's Team:

Matthew Banks
Heather Barrs
Joey Barrs
Jessica Bolyard
Travis Cain
Brenna Carlile
Bryan Evans
Christy Evans
Kevin Goss
Julie Gray
Whitney Holden
Billy Hughes
Julie Kenny
John Kenney
Sheila Kenney
Kim Lyons
Allen Perry
Christina Reynolds
Chris Sansing
Evan Seepe
Lindsey (Page) Seepe
James Thomas
Vickie Veatch