Saturday, November 2, 2013

And the Mission Continues...

Greetings to all those back at The Quest Church!  Your Belize Missionary Team had an exciting day of travel as we made our way from Augusta, Georgia to Belize, Central America.

Our flights out of Augusta and Atlanta were smooth and uneventful.  Although our first attempt at landing at Phillip Goldston Airport in Belize City resulted in what I will call a "tower buzz."  Our pilot reduced the plane's air speed and lowered the landing gear on approach to the tarmac - only to pull up at the last minute and climb straight back over the emerald blue Caribbean waters.  This raised a few eyebrows (and pulse rates) to say the least.  However, his second try was a success.  :)

We were greeted by Alice, German, Melvin and little Jennifer Pop (a member of our sister church, EQC, and a sweetheart).  Our favorite baggage porter, Ernesto, loaded our bags into the mission vans and we headed over to a seaside park in Belize City for lunch.   Alice's homemade burritos never seems to disappoint - especially a hungry crowd of missionaries.  Oh, and I must include this note - even though she only lives about 45 miles from Belize City, little Jennifer has never seen the ocean until today!

After our amazing food, we once again loaded into the vans for our trip to Camalote Camp.  I am so very sorry to report that we had absolutely "zero"  automotive snafus. :)  Apologies, but sometimes those stories are the most-remembered.  Our vans rolled into Camalote Camp and everyone made a mad dash for the hammocks.  I think Ron Hartshorn actually beat everyone there.

We took a short time to unpack and relax. Then we once again boarded the vans -  one group headed to Arizona Village and another left for Maya Mopan to reunite with old friends and encourage families to worship with us this week. This was a special time for people like  Betsi Baker  - who saw Ida Canti for the first time in 3 years.  And we visited Pedro's house -  his new house (with a real, working door) that Quest helped to rebuild after some thieves
burned it last year.

 The group enjoyed a traditional Belizean dinner of stewed chicken and rice and beans tonight. And afterward - we had a very powerful "quest circle time" in the Camalote Chapel.

Well, once again the crickets are my only company on this warm, balmy evening on the back porch.  I can't count Vickie Veatch cause she is in the hammock next to me sound asleep.  It's late... again.  So I leave you with just a few images from today.  

Blessings from Always Beautiful Belize!


 p.s.  Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary to my in-laws, John & Diane Sheffield - Who just happened to surprise my wife and joined our missionaries for a few days.  And Happy Birthday to German Gallardo!   Belize-it, Belize-it all.

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  1. The pics are great! Keep up the good work, Joey......I'm really enjoying reading the blog. Thanks!