Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Day for Three Villages.....

Day 6

Today our mission group prepared to go out into the villages of Arizona, Teakettle and Young Gal.  We visited these areas to distribute beds, blankets and food baskets and to talk and pray with local Belizean families.  And as special guests, we were joined by villagers from Maya Mopan (10 miles away).  It is such a powerful experience to see the people from one side of town serve their fellow countrymen/women.

We rode in the new EQC church bus and German followed behind us in his Jeep - which was pulling a trailer loaded with beds. 

Pedro's daughter, Iliani, hangs out of the bus as James
gets ready to crank it up.  She was blessing today as she prayed for people she had never met.

Here, missionaries from Maya Mopan and Quest visit a home in Teakettle.

Heather and Debbie pray with an elderly woman on her front porch.  It always amazes me how welcomed we are to share a few moments with people - to be invited into their homes so freely.

 Pedro and Rosa (both from Maya Mopan) walk the streets of Teakettle village as missionaries in their own country. 

Here the group stops at Victor and Elvira Pop's home to drop off a bed and some food and gathers outside for prayer.   Luis Pop, cousin to Victor and frequent volunteer with Quest/EQC missions, also lives with these relatives.

 Rain has plagued our trip from time to time and yesterday was no exception.  Even though our missionaries were wet and muddy, we delivered all of our planned resources in Arizona, Teakettle and Young Gal before the day ended.

Stay tuned for more photos.  As I mentioned, the rain dampened things a bit and we only had a few cameras during our workday - and I am trying to track them down.

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