Monday, July 8, 2013

Quest Missionaries "Shine" in Belize

Greetings from the always-beautiful country of Belize.  The July 2013 missionaries from Quest Church touched down safely this afternoon in Belize City and were greeted by German and Alice Gallardo from our sister church of EQC.  All of our travels were trouble-free and soon we were enjoying Alice's homemade chicken tacos near the coast.  

After lunch the van continued to roll westward and we eventually found ourselves entering the gates of Blue Thumb Missions in Camalote Village.  This oasis is a 9 acre mission camp run by Joe, Piper and Billy Hensley.  They are a wonderful family and have welcomed us with open arms.  This week our missionaries will be hosting a youth camp at Blue Thumb for nearly 60 Belize campers ages 13-17.


Joe has a great sense of humor and shares a moment with Elise and Corey Hulsebus.  Our team quickly unpacked the mission supplies and began sorting items for use in the upcoming youth camp.

 Rebecca and Jenifer and Julie and Kirby stopped long enough to pose for the camera.

Blue Thumb is a very well manicured facility.  Piper takes great pride in having propagated most of the plants herself and has quite a potting garden out back.  We all enjoyed touring the grounds - picking fresh, tree-ripened mangos and oranges.

Scott Brown, a friend and pastor from Greenwood, SC enjoys his first taste of cherry Fanta. (in the large bottle of course)

James Thomas took a moment to customize his mission t-shirt to maximize the airflow.  Needless to say, it is quite hot and humid in July.

As the sun began to set, we all sat down to a wonderful meal together - Tortilla Soup with fresh cornbread and chips and salsa, avocado and cheese.  Piper also whipped up a mean chocolate cake for dessert!

After dinner, the women and men divided into separate groups for prayer and devotional discussions.  This was a very special time of sharing and group awareness.

Well, as night quickly becomes morning I am alone outside listening to the sounds of the Belizean nocturnal life beginning to come alive.  Everyone has gone to bed.  And I should as well.  We are truly humbled to once again be serving our extended family in Belize.  Please pray for our team.  

Until tomorrow - Blessings........ Joey

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  1. Oh, how I would LOVE some of Alice's tacos! =) Things look great so far, and I can't wait to see what God does as the week progresses. Praying for all of you!