Thursday, July 11, 2013

Puddles, Power and Last Preparations

This may very well be one of the shortest blogs while in Belize.  Yesterday was a very challenging day.  We woke up to a drizzling rain and cloudy skies during breakfast.  Not long afterward, the camp lost power for nearly half the day.  Belize is widening the Western Highway just in front of Blue Thumb and a power pole was having to be moved.  Ahhh, the flexibility begins. :)


Determined to not let progress slow down, our team began practicing team-building games for the youth camp that begins tomorrow. (between rains)

I have to admit, this particular activity was one of the most hilarious attempts at working together I have ever seen.  Even though this exercise only consists of string and boards, the work involved makes "walking the trolley" very complex.

Other games involve using a defined set of materials to complete a simple task, like picking up a bucket without touching it or reaching into the space it sits in.  We can't wait to see the Belizean kids work together to accomplish some of these activities.

Taking a few minutes off, a group walked to the back of the camp property that borders the Belize river.  We could hear howler monkeys crying loudly in the distance.

The afternoon brought a huge rain storm, so some people loaded in the van to ride toward San Ignacio for sightseeing. (if only through the windows) and a group traveled over to the ArtBox for a last chance to grab some souvenirs.

My last photo is not much to look at, really.  It is the camp chapel where we will receive the campers and where we will complete crafts and worship.  Right now the chairs are empty and the walls echo.  But soon, bodies will fill the chairs and laughter, cries, joys and pains will inhabit the space.  Pray that the beautiful blessings of God will transform this simple space into something divine.

Blessings to all,


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