Friday, July 12, 2013

Campers Arrived Ready to SHINE

Hola, from Blue Thumb and the new home of Camp SHINE.  Wow, just Wow.  Oh, and can I add another Wow!  Our Belizean campers arrived yesterday and this mission week just went into 5th gear. (to quote Austin Lopez) 

Forty six youth, ranging in ages from thirteen to seventeen, began a four day journey with our Quest and EQC mission counselors that promises to be a physically and spiritually powerful time.  Trust me when I say that last night was one of the most extraordinary worship experiences we have EVER had while on mission.  This group of people, American and Belizean, is charting new territory for continued relationships among our two cultures and have quickly become ONE body under their Christ.

Forgive the lack of pictures right now but we are collecting enough for two days of blogging to come. We were all so very "spent" yesterday that everyone, even the young people, was in bed and asleep by about 10pm.

Check back in later - and be prepared for what is to come.  Peace.

(on behalf of all Quest Missionaries) 

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