Wednesday, July 10, 2013

 A Life-Giving Well, Wildlife and Worship

The sun rose about 5:20 this morning to find several missionaries nursing their first cup of camp coffee and working through the day's devotional.  The gardens here at Blue Thumb are amazingly well groomed and we are have enjoyed our quiet time throughout the grounds.

Our first Belizean breakfast seemed as much like Cracker Barrel as it did Camalote.  Scrambled eggs, Journey cakes, country ham, fresh fruit (including pineapple and watermelon) and juice.

Our meals are eaten under a large tin-roofed porch lined with huge picnic tables. (Rhinehart's patrons would be right at home) 

After breakfast, our missionaries divided into two teams - some would travel with German to the villages of Arizona and Teakettle to recruit teenagers for this week's youth camp. Alice led others into Belmopan to purchase fruits, vegetables and dry goods for the week's use.

QUICK-QUEST-MISSION-OFFERING-UPDATE: Our July 2013 missionaries were the first members of our church to visit the newly constructed well in Maya Mopan.  To be honest, seeing this well and personally knowing the families it serves is one of the most beautiful expressions of Christ's love I have ever encountered.  It represents the sacrificial relationship between Quest and our sister church of EQC. 

James Thomas took a moment to prime the pump and, soon, life-giving water gently flowed over the concrete slab.

The day continued in other areas of camp as Matt and Brandon worked to develop more youth camp games and activities.  

We are all so very excited to begin camp that we have been playing games like ladder ball and ping pong during our down-time.

As most past missionaries know, the wildlife in Belize can be diverse.  And the "tame" wildlife at Blue Thumb Missions Camp is no exception. The Hensley family have several breed of dogs, a very friendly cat and one special green parrot.


Elise took time out to scratch the belly of one of the Blue Healer puppies that call this place home.  And Kirby shows off her new friend Chloe, a native green parrot.

As nightfall arrived, we all ate, showered and loaded into the van - bound for EQC's Tuesday night worship service.  When the bus pulled in, many familiar and smiling faces surrounded our team for a much needed reunion.  We had an awesome time together - Alice opened the service, Melvin led our singing and praise and Pastor German delivered the message.

All total, we had about 100 people packed into EQC!  When service was dismissed, we all spent time in fellowship - catching up on recent events.  * A note to all previous Quest missionaries - everyone of you are talked about and missed.  The impact that our church has had on our friends at EQC continues to resonate throughout these communities.

Melvin continued to play his guitar after the service ended and so several of us joined in for a sing-along.

 As usual, kids were running everywhere as they waited to load the bus.

The Canti family from Maya Mopan were all in attendance.  Ida is growing up so fast and we all got to meet Herman, Anselma's new husband. 

And last, but not least, little Erwin made his debut with grandmother Christina.  He has been sick for several weeks so Dr. Billingsley suggested that he visit the hospital yesterday.  As is customary, our team loaded into the van and headed straight to the Belmopan hospital. (turns out he was dehydrated, with and upset stomach)
Day 3 is here and it is rainy.... but our spirits are high.  And we looked forward to our campers arriving at lunch tomorrow.  Well, until I blog again - gotta run.  I smell the Fry Jacks!  Oh, and apologies for the late post but we have been without power since 7:30 a.m.  Ahhhhh Belize!  Peace, Joey

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