Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2012 Belize Team Roster

Our Belize Mission Team leaves in less that 24 hours and will be in Belize November 3-10.

Quest is partnered with our sister church in Belize, Evangelical Quest Church (EQC), and its pastor, German Gallardo.  Our team will be staying at Camalote Camp in the capital city of Belmopan and working with our sister church.

Most of the mission and ministries this time will focus on relationship building.  This will happen as the guys on our team work with the men of EQC to build beds to take out into the villages.  Many people sleep on the floor or in hammocks, so these beds will be very helpful.  While building these beds the men will also build relationships.  In the same way, the women of our team will work with the women of Belize to sew blankets for these beds.  They'll deepen relationships through this.  As usual - kids will be hanging out with us as well - and we welcome it because they are such a joy to be with and interact with!  There will be several worship services that will bring our two churches and others in the community together as  well.

So as our team prepares to leave tomorrow, please keep them in prayer.

We ask that you pray for our team by name.  Here are the 18 members of the team:

Jessica Bolyard
Julie Gray
Andy Albright
Heather Barrs
Christina Reynolds
Shauna Kenney
Donna Sarsfield
Heather Thomas

Ray Brown
Ron Hartshorn
Travis Cain
Chris Sansing
Asa High
Michael Albright
Wes Roberts
Joey Barrs
Mike Freace
James Thomas

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