Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 1 - From Augusta

The team arrived Quest at 4:15 this morning excited and ready to begin their trip. I want to say a huge thanks to all the people that came out this morning to see our team off. Also, thank you to those that helped prepare breakfast and snack bags for our missionaries!! Many of our team members have had a few hours of sleep and others had not slept yet. Hopefully they will catch a nap on the plane! All the luggage was loaded onto the bus and we all gathered to pray as we sent them off at 5am. Their flight took off at 10:30am and they have arrived in Belize.  

For this trip, we will be submitting blog posts from Augusta as well as from Belize. I encourage you to comment on these posts with words of encouragement, love, and prayers for our team members.


Dear Gracious and Loving Father,

We thank you for the 18 members of this team who are going to be your hands and feet this week in Belize. Today, please prepare their hearts and mind for the mission you have for them. Give them the strength and rest to do your work. Please be with their families that are still here in the United States. Calm all anxiety and fears.

Lord, we commit this team and this trip to you. We give all the details and every aspect of this trip to you, Father. Be with them as they travel and keep them safe from illness and harm. Be with them this afternoon and tonight as they arrive at Camalote Camp and prepare for the days ahead. Be with them as they travel to Arizona Field and have time to hang out and love on the kids. May this time be a time of joy and reconnecting.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity, Father. May their spiritual lives be shaken and may they grow closer to you.

In Your Son's Name,


Posted by: Sarah MacDonald

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