Monday, November 5, 2012

Blessings from Augusta

We are all in love with the stories and pictures being shared with us. The videos on the Facebook page are moving and give us all a chance to experience a small part of this trip. For those of you that do not have Facebook, here is the link to the 2 videos they have posted:

I wish I had a video camera at Quest Church on Sunday to record your family members and friends talking so proudly about each one of you. Many had read the blog post and watched the video. Many who have been in the past became home sick. Many of us wish we were there with you. Most of all we are excited to see what God is doing in Belize!!

As we watch the videos, we cannot help but see the joy in your faces! May the joy of the Lord be your strength in the coming days! 

Specific prayers for:

strength as you begin to build beds
words from the Holy Spirit as you build and strengthen relationships with the men and women
rest for tired bodies
open eyes to see the opportunities God has set before you
changed hearts
changed lives

Posted by: Sarah MacDonald

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