Friday, November 9, 2012

Delays for Days......

Greetings to all of you who have been following the Quest missionaries in Belize.  We are well and working hard, although several of our team have been a bit ill.  Also, due to several technology snafus, we have been unable to post pictures or movies from the past two days.  

We will be attempting to update the blog with images of the last 48 (AMAZING) hours of our mission work.
Please pray that God will continue His blessing upon our trip - as it has been a profound experience.

In Christ,



  1. Looking forward to seeing pictures. This has been quite a week as I announced to my church that I would be leaving in April to start a new ministry. As I reflect on these changes I have come to realize that I am not comfortable with the unknown. Yet it is not what is known that should motivate us but who we know namely the Lord. But perhaps it is not so much that we know the Lord but that He knows us and will lead us where we should go. The past few months have certainly taught me this lesson. Going to a foreign land has its share of unknowns but you are known by the Lord and He is intensely interested in you as you serve Him. Don't worry about the unknowns but celebrate the fact that you are known and truly loved. Belize may have its share of unknowns but you are known. May the Lord lift you up.

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