Sunday, July 10, 2011

Belize Day 6:Goodbye

The Team . . . Lee Freace, Mike Freace,
James Thomas, Aaron Harris &
Jef Flournoy
Today was our last day in Belize. We spent the morning closing up camp and packing up our gear. Camp was concluded by a worship service which was pretty special. It was awesome to see the Belizean people worship so honestly and openly . . . challenging one another in their walk.

Near the end as we were leaving, they brought the five of us up front to 'say goodbye.' The lady who was in charge of the service invited anyone up who wanted to say goodbye to us and thank us for our time here to come up to the front and thank us personally. It was really moving that about 3/4 of the camp came up and gave us hugs and thanks. It was really a great moment when it became evident that we had made an impact for God on some lives. . . some seeds had been planted. It was the perfect ending for all of us.

Jef on the ferry to Xunantunich
with "Hiro" looking on
The kid who led the way was Hiro . . . we had gotten close to him over the week as he is one of the boys that works for German. He took us to Xunantunich Ruins and had really just connected with us during the time. I think sometimes when you are in the thick of ministry, it is hard to notice what is going on around you. We actually met as a team last night and one of the questions that we truly had was how much of an impact did we make for God. He provided us with a very clear and tangible answer . . . as Hiro led the way up, you could see it on his face that we had touched his life this week in some way. An answer to prayer.

Late in the morning we headed out of Belmopan and up to the border. Romelio and his wife Priscilla offered to drive us and it was a great time of fellowship with them. On the way there, we were able to stop and visit the Monteyo family . . . special friends of Joey and Heather Barrs. It was great to meet the entire family and bring greeting from Quest Church and the US. After getting through the borders rather uneventfully, we said our goodbyes and jumped on a bus to Cancun. We continued to have a great time of fellowship together on the bus and over dinner, reliving some of the moments and just letting loose a little bit.

We now only have one step left to our trip and that is getting on the plane to Atlanta. We praise God for his protection as we have traveled and that things have gone so smoothly. We are pretty worn out and are looking forward to being back at home but have mixed emotions about leaving.

Thank you for all your prayers during this time. We look forward to getting back and sharing stories of our time here with you.

Mike for the guys.

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