Wednesday, July 6, 2011

24 Hours

24 hours later and we finally arrived in Belmopan . . . long day, but great to be here. This will be a quick post as we have a lot to do . . .

Probably the highlight of the trip was the Mexican border. After 6 hours on a bus that was so cold we could have transported meat, Romelio picked us up at the bus station. As he was helping us get past Mexican customs, something funny happened. Somehow . . . and we lost this in translation . . . but we became American Diplomats that the US Embassy was expecting in Belize. It certainly made for a smoother transition through the border. We asked Romelio what happened, and he just smiled and said "lets get in the van and get going . . . quick, quick, quick."

We then got a chance to experience some great driving . . . and arrived in Belmopan about 3:30am Augusta time.

We are off and running . . . James is driving a bus somewhere . . . Jef Flournoy just jumped in a jeep to drive somewhere to get something that German needed . . . the rest of us are planning for camp and trying to stay cool.

Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming . . . pray that the camp will come together and that we will continually get our of our comfort zones and stretch ourselves.


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  1. Only Romelio could turn y'all into diplomats! Awesome story! LOVE IT!

    Also loved the brief mention of Belizean driving. =)