Thursday, July 7, 2011

Belize Day 3: Breaking laws, bruised shins and bug spray

Today was camp preparation day. It was a very busy yet very fulfilling day. We basically started the morning off with planning for the camp . . . setting up the camp schedule of activities, the soccer games and organizing a supply list. We are blessed to have Jef Flournoy's organization gifting as he has basically taken over the entire scheduling for the camp. We then headed over to the grounds and began physical preparation.

The day was full of numerous miscellaneous tasks. A number of us were involved in hauling mattresses, setting up tents, lining a soccer field with lime, unloading trucks, fixing doors and showers, pumping up soccer balls and running around Belmopan for supplies. Meanwhile, we know James is somewhere driving bus but never quite sure where. He is the go to guy for transportation around here and they are using him to run in a million different directions.

We were thinking as we were driving around the city with four of us in the back of the truck, how many laws we would have broken today if we had been in America. We lost count. Just after that, the truck broke down . . . it wouldn't be a day in Belize without one of the trucks breaking down. So we tried to jump start it by pushing it and throwing it into gear. No luck . . . although maybe one of the funniest moments was when Aaron hit his shin on the hitch, bent down to rub his shin and hit his head on the back of the truck. Quite comedic. . . like something you would see in a movies. No worries though . . . a can of bug spray later, we had the truck up and running.

We have enjoyed getting to know some of the kids around here. Especially Hiro and Douglas . . . they are pretty cool kids. Both work for German with his business and have been a huge part of putting the camp together. We spent a lot of time with them today and feel like we are getting closer with them. They are very thankful for what they have, have a great sense of humor and are very humble. Just a real joy to spend time with. In addition, we have connected a little bit with some other kids from Arizona Village as we have transported them to and from their homes a number of times.

Finishing off this evening, we had a FANTASTIC dinner. German's wife Alice is an incredible cook. When she comes to Augusta we have vowed to get her together with our wives to share some recipes.

Thanks again for all your prayers. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. We are not sure what to expect but are ready to get the camp started. Pray that the logistics will come together and that everything will start off smoothly in the morning. Continue to pray that God blesses us with good health. Other than Aarons bruised shin and a bump on his forehead, things have been good. Lastly, pray that we will have grateful hearts. God has given us an opportunity . . . and we pray that we step into his will fully so that he can use us fully.

Mike for the guys.

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