Saturday, July 9, 2011

Belize Day 5: Blessings

Today has been pretty much a blur honestly. It was day two of the camp and we had a full day of activities. This morning I had a chance to bring a message to the camp during our worship time. I was kind of thrown on the spot so it was good that I had something planned. I spoke to them about John 10:10 and the fact that God has come so that we might have life abundantly and what exactly that looked like. We looked at how this gift applies to our lives whether we are following him strongly . . . are lukewarm in our walk . . . or are far from him. We talked about how this abundant life was a gift and that we did not have to have any preset criteria to qualify for it . . . it was free. I hope and pray that some seeds were planted . . . there were a handful of people that I had a chance to pray for throughout the day that communicated that they wanted to take their lives to the next level.

Throughout the day, we basically spent most of our time on organization and structure of activities and running the soccer portion of camp. Jef and Aaron continued to lead the planning of the activities and provide the counselors with a structure and map to follow . . . from my perspective they have been an invaluable  blessing to this camp. James . . . chauffeur James . . . always being called upon to drive and run errands. Even as I write this at midnight, he is out somewhere driving a group of youth home on a bus. He has been a true servant. And finally my dad Lee . . . he has kind of the glue that has held us together. He basically has been a blessing in serving not just the people of the camp, but also us as a team. He has done a lot of running around and 'dirty jobs' that have made this trip a real success. We actually all sat down tonight and talked about the week and our experience, and one of the things that came up unanimously was that we were all so blessed to have each other on this trip. We have really bonded and supported one another.

This evening we had a chance to go out to eat together with Romelio . . . a local guy who serves as German's right hand man at the camp. He took us out for a traditional meal of Papooses (sp). We all enjoyed it thoroughly . . . Aaron definitely won the award for most eaten. We even had a chance to sit at a table and eat with a local young man. It was the only table open so we all sat together. It was fun to converse with him and do something that we would never do in the US . . . welcome someone into our world over dinner at a public restaurant. We all really enjoyed it . . .

Tomorrow is our last day in Belmopan as we will start to weave our way back up to Cancun sometime tomorrow. This trip has flown by and it is hard to believe that tomorrow we are leaving and headed back to Georgia.

Continue to pray for us as we close out our time here. Pray that we will be a blessing to German and his wife Alice. . . the camp has been a ton of work for them and I know they are pretty worn out. Pray that we will somehow in the short time tomorrow, have a chance to connect with more of the youth. It has been such a short time with them that we wish that we had more time to get into their lives. Pray for traveling mercies as we head out tomorrow. We will have a lot of traveling to do over the next two days . . . once again probably a couple of buses to get to Cancun to catch our plane.

Sorry I have been unable to post pictures . . . we have been running to crazy that I have not been able to find a place where we can upload them . . . where we are at I can write but it will not allow me to put pictures up. We will be sure to post them when we get back.

Thanks again for all your prayers.

Mike for the guys.

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