Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day TWO in Belize - Sunday, Nov 21

Sunday morning in Belize. Our team awoke, had personal devotion times, and then headed to breakfast. Following breakfast we gathered again with our sister church here in Belize - The Evangelical Quest Church (EQC, as they are calling themselves). One note - most of the people from this new church are picked up for worship services by the pastor, German Gallardo. He drives around town in a 60 passenger bus picking them up, and then bringing them for worship. It's incredible, really. We had a great worship service this morning - focusing on the mission Jesus Christ calls His followers to - speaking and living out the Good News of the Gospel. The following are a couple pictures from worship this morning.

Following worship we had a quick lunch, then packed out a 60 passenger bus and headed to the river for the baptisms of 4 teenagers - who made commitments to follow Jesus in the past couple of days. Several of the kids team leaders stayed back at the camp and did some amazing kids ministry with about 55 young children. In addition, our women's ministry spent time teaching several local women how to sew and make dresses, etc. Incredible. The river baptisms were a personal highlight for me. An amazing experience.

Here are a couple of pictures from the kids ministries today...

Our construction crew headed out today to check out the project that they will begin tomorrow. The only vehicle that will reach the house they are working on is a 4 wheel drive. Ms. Rash is an elderly woman living in a 128 square ft house with 3 or 4 grandchildren. Most of our bedrooms are larger than her whole house. The team will be doubling the size of her house this week.

Our day ended back at Camalote Camp with dinner and one more evening worship service with The Quest Evangelical Church....

Tomorrow our medical and construction teams head out early. They'll be out in the community doing their work. Kids and women's ministries will be spending most of the day at the camp. More to come tomorrow.....


  1. Oh I so love this John! I tell you how bad I want to be there with yall!

  2. So wonderful to hear your updates. We are praying for your trip...Amazing stuff! God is surely moving in Belize. John, we had a wonderful 24 hours hosting Shauna, the girls, and the twins here in DC. We can't wait to see you next time!