Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day FOUR in Belize - Tuesday, Nov 23

Tuesday. We're well into this mission now. All teams headed back out onto their locations for various outreach ministries today.

Last night our Kids and Women's Teams informed German Gallardo that they would be doing some renovations to his church facility - especially the kids area. German and his wife, Alice, were very moved by this. I saw some of the progress today - and it's beautiful. Pictures to come later in the week of the big "reveal."

Folks from several team spent some time in "Arizona" today as well - a very poor local community here. We delivered flour, rice, and beans, as well as clothing to these families. We prayed with each family and invited them to our Revival - which will be held in their community on Thursday and Friday night this week. Please pray for this Revival and all who attend.

A couple of other teams went out today to do medical work and construction work in the various parts of the community. The medical team spent time at "Salvapan," a small village near Belmopan. The saw 118 people today - men, women, and children - ministering to various needs. Our team would assess people's health/medical needs, address them, and even pray with them before they left. Here are a few pictures from their time today....

Our construction team has been tremendous this week. They have been doubling the size of an elderly woman's home, who takes care of a couple of her grandchildren. This has been a big project, but the team has come together and is accomplishing the task before them. Here a few pictures from their day.... (the woman you see in one of the pics is Ms. Rash - this is her home)

The construction team has met several families around Ms. Rash's home with various needs. One need is a medical issue with a neighbor. Because the area where Ms. Rash and her neighbors live is so muddy right now, our team volunteered to take them to visit with our medical team that was nearby. Joey Barrs had to get them into a 4 wheel drive truck and take them there. See picture below....

I continue to be utterly amazed at God and His work here. And at my own worldview - the things I think I need, my lack of concern for others, etc. I'm praying for myself and all my friends with me on this trip and back home --- that we'll be completely changed by God's incredible love and generosity towards us in His Son Jesus, and that we'll become His servants - sacrificing our lives in service to our King.


  1. Man...it is moving to read about all y'all are doing in Belize. We pray for you all and we miss you all, and we know that God is using you all powerfully! Can't wait to hear stories from everyone in person!! Happy Thanksgiving...enjoy those hot dogs! :)

  2. I am overwhelmed at the amount of impact your group has made in such a short amount of time. The pictures really move one to want to do more. It's so hard to imagine what that life would be like, but the pictures leave an unforgettable image in my mind. I am grateful and thankful for you all this Thanksgiving and my prayer is that you continue to shape and change lives in the name of God. We miss you and having been praying that God will give you the strength to face anything this week. We will pray for the people of Belize as well, hoping they are forever changed by your encounter with them. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. John, it's been heart-warming, to put it mildly, hearing about and seeing the impact the team is having in the lives of so many people there in Belize. I'm anxious to hear more about it when you all safely return home to The Quest in Augusta after being there at the Quest church in Belize. I'm sure some wonderful bonds are being formed that are life-changing and that will continue to grow as this mission continues. Happy thanksgiving, hugs, prayers, and lots of love from yo Momma!