Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day SIX in Belize - Thursday, Nov 25

Today is Thanksgiving. Gotta admit - really doesn't feel like it down here in Belize. Belize doesn't celebrate this American holiday. Though it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving in the traditional sense, though, the Quest Mission Team has so much to be thankful for. We've had an absolutely incredible experience this week, and we've met and become life-long friends with some amazing people ... for which we are all very grateful.

Our week is winding down. Today most of our team wrapped up their week-long missions, and we've turned our focus to a two night "revival" that's being held in a huge field in the middle of a Belizian village. It is an extremely poverty-stricken area where people live in tiny homes - many with thatched roofs.

In the morning, several people went to this village to deliver food and clothing to individual homes/families in the community and to invite them to the Revival. Here is an example of one of these visits where our team would pray with the household after delivering the food and clothing.

Tonight at the Revival, I personally prayed with the woman pictured in the hammock above. Our team's generosity compelled her to come. She needs surgery but cannot afford it. I prayed for God's healing in her life.

The following picture demonstrates the irony that you will sometimes see here. German Gallardo talking to a couple teenage boys who live in a small thatch-roofed hut. Yet they were watching movies on laptops.

The Revival tonight started at 4 pm with kids activities. About 150 young children from the Arizona community came out. Our team did an awesome job of teaching them about God and scriptural principles. At 7 pm we began a worship service. Over 100 people from the community showed up. Our "stage" was a semi-rig trailer. We collected benches from around the community for people to sit. There was alot of set-up for this event, but it was so well worth it. I prayed with a couple who want to walk with Jesus, and another woman came forward to dedicate her life to Christ for the first time.

Here are a few pictures from the Revival....


Tomorrow we're headed to German Gallardo's church after breakfast (his church is his place of business that he converted to a church facility). We'll be surprising him with a redesigned kids space and also presenting him with an 8 ft beautiful cross that Ron Hartshorn and a Belizian teen named Noah built together this week. Pictures of that tomorrow.... After that we're headed out to see the work the construction team has been a part of and to pray with the family they have become close to through building an addition on their home. After that, it's back to camp for some preliminary packing. Then we're back out to Arizona Field for kids ministries and night two of the Revival. Will be a late night since we have to tear down and get everything back to town. Then we'll pack more and head out the next morning.

It's been a good week. We're tired. But we're so THANKFUL for all that we've experienced!

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