Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 2: Getting To Know You

Thursday morning got off to a great start, as our team made last minute preparations for our youth camp disciples to arrive. You may know that among our sister church, Evangelical Quest Church, there are a number of young people who show great initiative in their faith walk, and our team is taking the time this week to invest in that small group of teenagers. We are holding a very deliberate, intentional Discipleship Retreat for approximately 23 teenagers who have shown a love for Christ and an interest in growing in their relationships with Him. The youth will be staying at Camalote Camp with us for two nights as we teach them new methods of studying their Bibles and living in fellowship with each other. 

Today we got to meet the disciples, and had the awesome experience of being able to give them each an engraved Bible of their very own. In a culture where few things are genuinely "theirs" and Bibles are hard to come by, this was a blessing for both the teenagers and our team. We got to see the look in their eyes as they realized that yes, they would get to keep the Bibles; it was amazing to be able to provide that gift.

After some icebreakers to get to know each other, we enjoyed lunch together and then began our first lessons of the week. Heather led a discussion of the theme of our camp: koinonia, which means "the perfect or ideal relationship" in Greek. The disciples were eager to take part in the lesson using their new Bibles and journals.



We also had a powerful time of presentation of the Gospel and salvation message, led by Debbie. She laid out the plan of salvation for the disciples, and at the end we were blessed to be able to pray with one young girl as she accepted Jesus for the first time, and a number of others reaffirmed their commitments to Christ.



We finished out the time with the disciples by taking them home and visiting briefly with their families. On a personal note, this is one of the most powerful opportunities these trips offer. Walking through the viillages with Belizeans...seeing it through ther eyes and walking rocky paths they walk every day....we get a better feel for the culture and for the individuals we have come to love so much. I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything. They are always meaningful moments to carry home with us.


I can't forget to mention an experience some on our team were able to have: we visited the new well that you, Quest Church, helped to make possible. About a year ago our friends in the nearby village of Maya Mopan faced a critical water shortage as their well - which serviced countless families - ran dry. Through generous contributions, though, they were able to receive a brand new well driilled much deeper into the bedrock that promises to provide water to the village for quite some time. As we talked with different villagers, it was clear how much of a difference the well had made in their everyday lives, and their gratitude overflowed. THANK YOU, Quest Church, for making that happen.


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