Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 2011 Mission - Day 4

Today was the most amazing day so far for our team. In all, the Quest mission team was in 5 different locations today, tackling 5 different jobs. Camalote Camp is echoing tonight with everyone's stories of their days: challenges, victories, God moments. We'll all rest well tonight!

The Construction team worked on two different jobs today, nearly finishing the house they began yesterday and making real progress on the second. For their second construction project, which they began this afternoon, they are placing stucco on the existing house of some of the members of EQC. Currently, the house is made of bamboo poles strapped together; the spaces between the poles are wide enough to see through, and for rain and wind to make their way inside. The Construction team, though, is placing stucco on the walls to seal those gaps, making the house more safe and comfortable for the family who calls it home.

The Medical team worked in 3 different locations today! This morning, a small group of Medical team members went to the nearby village of La Riverra to hold a clinic in a church there. The team saw 40 patients in just a few hours, treating conditions such as allergies, parasites, pneumonia, and diabetes. Many referrals were made to the hospital, and many of the patients seemed to feel better after just having spent some time with someone who wanted to help.

Meanwhile, a few more of the team members made a visit to a school in the Arizona village for a lice treatment and prevention clinic. Our team washed hair, applied treatments, and even gave haircuts to the children who were seen. It was a powerful - and humbling - experience for everyone.

While all of that was going on, more Medical team members were holding a clinic at the location of EQC, addressing various health needs there. When the team arrived in the morning, people were already waiting to be seen; the pace didn't slow down much for several hours. Nearly 40 patients were seen there, as well, and the team enjoyed the fast-paced environment.

Finally, members of the Care and Connection and Spiritual Support teams were bustling from village to village, distributing care packages to families in need. Each family received rice, flour, and beans, in addition to Bibles and other necessities. The team was able to pray with the families and were blessed, in particular, by the prayers of some of the families for the team. Providing such basic needs to families in need was fulfilling and humbling.

This afternoon, many members of the team went to Arizona Field to play with the children there. The children here can't seem to get enough of our team, and the feeling is mutual. We are all happy to spend as much time as we can with the beautiful children of Belize.

Tonight, the Quest team joined the members of EQC for their weekly Bible study and worship. Everyone came to Camalote Camp - it was pretty chaotic as everyone scrambled to different places with their groups, but everyone was blessed by the discussions and lessons. The evening was rounded off with worship (singing "God of This City," which is emotional every time), and the EQC bus took the church members home as the Quest team relaxed for the night.

Today was a very, very full day, and we are very, very tired tonight. While everything we have encountered thus far has been challenging and has stretched us beyond our limits, we are all confident that we are better and stronger because of what we have experienced. We are so thankful for this opportunity, and are eager to continue in the mission field tomorrow evening. Tomorrow morning, though, we get to be tourists! Expect lots of pictures tomorrow!

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  1. It so hard watching the videos and reading the posts and not being there! You guys are amazing...stay strong and know that many are praying for you here in Augusta.

    All my LOVE!