Monday, April 4, 2011

April 2011 Mission - Day 3

The Quest Mission Team hit the ground running this morning, beginning the day with a time of reflection and prayer before heading out to their job sites.

The Construction team was working today on building a house for a woman and her children who have had no home of their own for approximately 5 months. The team is building them a house measuring 16 x 20 feet, and it will be a home she and her children can call their own. It will be a tremendous blessing for them, and it has been an honor to be able to minister to her in such a concrete way. They are ahead of their schedule for the week, and will likely finish that project tomorrow afternoon....and will start another one!

Nearby, as the Construction team was hammering nails and putting up walls, the Medical team was checking blood sugar and administering medication. The team held a clinic today, under the supervision of the Regional Health Director, in a small church in the village of Arizona. A total of 48 patients were seen, three of which were critical enough that they were taken immediately to the hospital for further treatment. There were so many wonderful men, women, and children that came through the clinic, and it was a privilege for the team to be able to meet them and bring peace to situations that have been causing them stress and pain.

One change we made in the team as a whole for this trip has been the addition of two new work teams: Spiritual Support and Care and Connections. Those teams, as their names suggest, are responsible for the less tangible aspects of mission work. As the skilled teams (Medical and Construction) are doing their jobs for the week, Spiritual Support (SST) and Care and Connection (CCT) are working alongside them to ensure that relationships are formed in the name of the Lord and that spiritual needs are met as well. These teams are instrumental in being the hands and feet of Jesus as they reach out in whatever ways are needed to make sure that everyone experiences the love of the Lord in real, life-changing ways.

It has already been a phenomenal experience for our team. Tomorrow is another big day, and we're all looking forward to more flexibility as we make ourselves available to do what the Lord needs us to do. We don't know exactly what tomorrow will look like, but we are sure of one thing: it will be good.

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