Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 2011 Mission - Day 2

Day two of our Belize mission was a very full - but very, very fun and fulfilling - day. After a good night's sleep, the team awoke and prepared for worship with our friends from EQC at Camalote Camp's tabernacle. As we gathered together, friends from another Belizean church in Mayapan (a neighboring village) joined us for Sunday morning worship. Our relationships with each other and with the Lord were strengthened as we worshiped together - very powerful!

Following worship, families from EQC joined us for a family reunion-style lunch of hotdogs and chips - - - and the Belizean children discovered a new love: chips and cheese dip!

Once everyone had eaten, the games began! One of our team members had planned a great afternoon of games for the children of EQC to enjoy together, and everyone had a blast playing soccer, volleyball, and other games at our camp. More time together meant relationships were solidified more and more!

It was a hot, hot afternoon, so after we finished the games, some of the team relaxed while others took a trip to the river to swim, relax, and spend more time together. This was a nice break from the organized activities of the day, but the team found plenty of ways to reach out to and love the people of Belize.

Tonight, teams are preparing for their first day of field work tomorrow. The medical and construction teams will be beginning their work, and the Spiritual Support and Care and Connection Teams will be accompanying them as they go into the villages to meet the needs they find there.

God is working - in the team and in each individual heart here - and it is more exciting than words can say to see everyone seeing Him in new ways and changing so deeply. We're already eager to share what we've experienced - and the week has just begun!

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  1. I saw my man Noah in one of those pics, tell him Santiago thinks of him often and will see him in November.