Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 7, 2016 - And their nails were painted...

**This is a late post to catch everyone up on our last full day of camp.**

Thursday started off like every other day of camp with everyone rising fairly early and hanging out until breakfast was served.  Some took the opportunity to start off with a little quiet time, but most just took the opportunity to fellowship with each other.  Following breakfast, the groups divided out and had their morning devotional.

Then it was outside for activities!  Basketball, volleyball and crafts seemed to be what the majority of the youth wished to do.  Some of the youth also spent time packing bags with medical supplies that would be handed out to the campers to take back home to their families.  These bags included various over the counter medications and first aid supplies.  The youth were also instructed on what each item was for and how it should be used.  This is essentially how we spent most of the morning until lunch.  Lunch today was special because some of the young men manned the grill and grilled out barbecue chicken for everyone.  It was delicious.  Great job guys!

After lunch, we had our afternoon devotion.  While the youth were having their devotions, a couple of our counselors went out to the field and setup our best slip and slide yet.  It was approximately 15' wide and 50' long!  We had a slight delay getting started due to having to get an additional hose to reach all the way out to the slide, but overall it was well worth it.  We had a solid hour and a half to two hours of fun on the slide.  Of course, we used slime to make it even more slick so that we could slide further and faster!  We finished this time out with a water balloon fight!  You would be surprised how quickly 1,800 water balloons can disappear.

After the water balloon fight, many of the kids headed back towards the courtyard area of Camalote Camp where they hung out and relaxed in hammocks.  Some took the opportunity to get an early shower and others headed to the volleyball court and basketball court for some more fun.  Several of the youth challenged the counselors to a game of volleyball.  We played a couple of matches and the counselors came out victorious!  However, it was not without having to work for the win.  The youth were very good.  During this time, Rebecca was called upon to handle some additional medical needs around camp.

Eventually, everyone else headed back to their rooms to catch showers before heading in for dinner.  Following dinner, it was time to go to the chapel for evening worship.  Melvin lead everyone in several songs and then Joseph spoke afterwards.  Joseph spoke about God's promise to always be for us.

This is an important promise that many of us need to be reminded of time and time again.  Romans 8:31 says "If God is for us, who can ever be against us?"  It is very reassuring to hear that God is for us!  After Joseph wrapped up, the youth were told that they would have the opportunity to go to the back of the chapel for prayer, to ask questions, ask Christ into their lives, recommit or whatever else they needed.  During this time, they would also have the opportunity to write prayer concerns on cards and lay them at the foot of the cross.  Many of the youth participated in both with our team being able to pray over 15 - 20 youth.  Melvin led us in some additional worship songs in what turned out to be a great time of response.  What was really awesome is that all of our first time counselors had the opportunity to pray over a youth or multiple youths.  The kids had the ability to pick who they went to for prayer so it just goes on to show that our first timers were able to connect!  Intentional relationships are the only relationships that work!

After worship was over, it was out towards the courtyard where everyone hung out for a while.  Eventually, the girls headed into their rooms for nail painting and a dance party.  Several of the young ladies wished to paint the nails of our male counselors which is always sure to bring a laugh or two.  Fingernails, toenails, pink, blue, rainbows, trucks, beach scenes, sparkles and more... all on the guy's nails.  A number of blackmail photos were likely taken during this time.

Eventually everyone headed back to their rooms and went to sleep.  It had been a long and exhausting day.

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