Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 6, 2016 - Who Needs Water?

It is our second day of camp and the day started a little earlier than planned.  It was discovered around 05:05 a.m. this morning when the cooks went to start breakfast that we did not have any water at the camp.  It was determined that the camp suffered some damaged plumbing from either vandalism.  Andre was at the camp within 15 minutes and went to work immediately to replace the damaged pipes.  A short while later, everything was restored and our breakfast was only slightly delayed this morning.  The cooks worked incredibly hard to catch up and it was much appreciated.

We then had small group time before heading out for activities.  We kicked things off with a couple of relays and we recorded points for each winning team.  At the end of it all, the yellow team won overall and received Cokes as a prize.  Then it was off to the basketball court, volleyball court and soccer field for some more fun.  The youth on the basketball court were introduced to the game called "Knock Out" and found it to be very entertaining.  I think it was played for an hour and a half non-stop.  During this time, a number of young ladies worked on various crafts and played board games.

After a couple of hours, the team was ready for lunch.  Lunch consisted of beans & rice, stewed chicken and delicious potato salad.  Lunch was followed by another devotion with the groups and then it was back out to the athletic fields for sports or to the chapel for arts and crafts.  I believe that most of the male counselors played a combination of soccer, volleyball and basketball for about 4 hours straight.  Most of us are quite sore and ibuprofen has become our friend.  The non-stop energy displayed by the young men here is quite impressive.  The ladies had more varied activities with many jumping between crafts and volleyball, though a few took the opportunity to find a basketball and play around on the court for a half hour or so.

This carried us on to dinner time.  We were served chicken, bean and cheese burritos in homemade tortillas.  There was also leftover spaghetti and garlic bread for those that were really hungry.  Then it was off to our evening worship experience.  Melvin led us in worship again tonight and Lauren delivered a message to the group about how God Promises to Never Leave Us.  She tied in several of her own experiences as examples, into this message which made it personal and in turn, more engaging for the audience.  One more song and then worship concluded.  The kids were dismissed back to their rooms shortly following worship.

So, here is our hydration tally for the day:  15 gallons of fruit punch gatorade consumed, 8 gallons of lemon lime gatorade consumed, and approximately 10-15 gallons of water consumed.

This will be updated with more pictures later, but due to internet troubles we were not able to upload our photos.  I do have a couple on here that I am sharing, but will have more soon.  Have a great night and continue praying for your mission team!

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