Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015 - Youth Summer Camp 2015 - "Familiar Faces"

     Another exciting day is coming to an end here in Belize for day two of our trip.  It was a day that, in typical Belize fashion, seemed to have a schedule all of its own.  We had intended on finishing preparations for camp and heading out to the villages to visit with our friends here.  Our intended plans and what actually happened are two entirely different things.  Again, this is Belize and you cannot really "plan" everything.

     Most of us started our day early with a little quiet time.  Spread out amongst the picnic tables and gardens, most sought out their perfect spot to speak to God this morning and listen quietly for his response.  Several of the men decided to have a group discussion based on the daily devotion and realized that we had more in common than we thought.  Following quiet time, we had breakfast which consisted of french toast, bacon, and fresh fruit.  Of course, a large volume of coffee was also consumed by the group as we were anticipating a fairly busy day.

     Mike was recruited to put his electrician skills to use in doing some electrical work at Evangelical Quest Church (EQC).  Several of the lights and outlets were not functioning as intended and they needed to ensure they had sufficient power for the new computer lab at the church as well as the Sunday School classrooms.  Mike headed out with Pastor German's wife, Alice, and they went to the church to determine if any special tools or supplies were needed and then they headed off to the Belize Department of Motor Vehicles for a registration issue with one of the EQC vans.  On the way back, they made the first of many water runs and brought back ten, five gallon jugs of water.  Then a trip to the hardware store and back to camp they came.  

     While Mike and Alice were out running errands, the remaining guys (Matt, Brandon and Jay) along with Pastor German, headed out to find some lumber to make some items for camp.  Well, Brandon and German made it out just fine in German's Jeep.  Matt and Jay ran into a little van trouble .  About 20 minutes and a vehicle jump start later, Matt and Jay were well on their way to the lumber yard as well.  We obtained the scrap lumber we needed and then headed back to camp.  Brandon and Jay ensured the lumber stayed in the truck as it was not loaded to standards acceptable in the U.S.  Matt supervised from the trailing vehicle to ensure that all went well.  While the guys were getting the lumber, the ladies (Rebecca, Sarah, Shelley, Laura, Emily and Joy) were busy back at camp continuing with preparations.  With about two hours to spare until lunch, we all loaded up and headed to Mayamopan to visit the well that God provided a couple of years prior through several donations.  While walking to the well, we were directed towards a little side mission.  A few small children in the Canti family were ill with fever and oozing sores.  Rebecca was there to diagnose a couple of cases of chicken pox.  We informed the Canti family that we would return after lunch to help with their need.  While this is not necessarily a horrible virus back home, it can cause complications here because of the heat and lack of regular sanitary routines.  We did manage to make it to the well and we enjoyed our brief visit here.  The well is still used regularly and people were riding backs and walking from around the area to fetch water for their family.  Some even use the well to take a break from a hard day of playing outside as seen in the photo below.  This carried us to lunch time and lunch consisted of hot dogs, baked beans and a cake.  

After lunch, Mike headed to EQC to begin his project with Brandon at his side to assist as needed.  Matt and Jay, along with the ladies headed to The Mall to purchase cleaning supplies needed to clean up EQC and also to obtain the needed items to help combat the chicken pox.  While at The Mall, a few of us had to try on some non-essentials and had a good time while doing so.  I bet they never thought this would make the blog!  I hope they have a sense of humor.  Then it was off to EQC to drop of Jay, Laura, Shelley, Emily and Joy to help with tasks there, one of which was cleaning up.  This was not an originally planned event for today, but it was needed and very much appreciated by German and Alice.  While most of the crew was working at EQC, Matt, Sarah and Rebecca returned to assist the Canti family.  Rebecca and Sarah helped bathe the effected children and applied rubbing alcohol to help dry up the sores.  Rebecca also spent time with the family to ensure that they knew it was contagious to others and suggested that the children be bathed at least twice a day and that the rubbing alcohol be applied to the sores.  There are some expecting mothers in the family, so it was also suggested that their contact with the effected kids be minimal, if necessary.  We left hand sanitizer for each house there so that they could try to prevent the spread of the chicken pox by washing their hands regularly and after contact with the kids.  Meanwhile, Matt used a bed sheet to provide a hammock of sorts for one of the effected kids that did not have a regular place to sleep at night.  Before leaving, we provided a couple of packages of diapers, a can of formula and some new bottles for the family.  Then it was back to EQC to join the rest of the group where we observed a much cleaner church facility and a computer lab that was coming together.

Then back to camp for showers and supper before the evening worship service.  Dinner consisted of rice and beans, stewed chicken and banana bread.  It was quite tasty after a pretty full day.  Then Matt, Mike and Laura headed out to Mayamopan to pick up the folks for worship this evening.  Another mission team from Florida is in town and was hosting a music camp this week.  They led the worship experience and we were blown away by the group's talent.  Complete with three guitarists, drummer, keyboard player and several singers, they put on quite a small concert with huge sound and an even greater love for Christ.  There was even an opportunity for several of the youth from the music camp to sing a couple of songs with them.  A guest speaker followed the worship music and he too did very well.  After worship, we talked with many of our friends from the area villages before everyone headed out to go back home.

We returned to camp where we began winding down and getting ready for bed.  Mike, Shelley, Joy and Matt headed to Camalote Camp to enjoy the internet and I (Matt) could prepare this blog post for you.  The team is doing very well and we are enjoying our time working together and loving on others here in Belize.  We cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring our way.  Until then...

Goodnight everyone!

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