Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday, July 12th, 2015 - Summer Youth Camp - "Closing Time"

     Well, our summer youth camp came to a close this morning.  There was a brief devotion followed by a church service which we held at Blue Thumb.  Mike and Matt set out in different directions after breakfast and picked up other members of Evangelical Quest Church and brought them to the camp to worship there.  Pastor German preached on the prodigal son and delivered a strong message.  Part way through worship we lost power at the camp, but this did not stop us from worshipping the Lord.

     Following the service, our campers as well as the other children that attending service from EQC were provided a sack lunch with juice to take on their ride home.  Emily also cleaned and bandaged an injured foot following worship.  Then it got serious...

Goodbyes were said, tears were shed, but in the end we showed love to our new and already established friends.  It is always difficult when it is time to say goodbye.  Our campers would return to what they call home, whether it is with their family or elsewhere.  They go back to soccer in a field that is not mowed, many to homes with dirt floors, hammocks instead of beds, and the strong likelihood that many are not going to eat three meals a day.

     We have so much left to do here in Belize.  For me, I know my child will get to attend school this year.  The children here in Belize and many of the campers from our camp are seeking sponsorships for school.  Education is not free here and there is no excuse why we cannot provide to send these kids to school. Folks, we had many great kids at camp that need school sponsorships and there are many more at Evangelical Quest Church that need school sponsorships.  This is a mission you can participate in without ever leaving your couch.  No excuses.  It provides an education for a child who needs it, which will hopefully lead to opportunity.  At a minimum, providing the ability for a child to read will enable them to read the Bible and learn about God through His word.  If you are interested in helping with this much needed mission, please contact the Quest Church to participate.  All money will go through Quest Church for this mission.  Let's fight illiteracy in the world and provide these kids an education.  They just might find God along the way.

After our campers were dropped off, we headed back to camp to clean up  and eat some lunch.  Then, we headed off to the river where we went cave tubing.  It was quite an experience.  Then it was back to camp to change clothes and head to dinner.  We had a wonderful dinner with Joey, Heather, and Sophia at the Blue Moon restaurant.  But it was there, that most of us realized we were completely exhausted.

So, back to camp we went to finish packing up and preparing for our departure tomorrow.  A few of us came over to Camalote Camp to drop off some items, finish laundry and to use the internet.  We will depart for the states tomorrow morning and should be back in Augusta around 8:00 P.M.

Here are a few more photos looking back at camp...

Good night Quest and everyone back home.  Your missionaries are coming home...

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