Saturday, July 12, 2014

Camp IGNITE Continues to Burn.... Strong.

Day two of Camp Ignite was an awesome experience.  Friday morning everyone woke fairly early – and by that I mean as I was making coffee at 5:45am several young people were already out of their rooms.  Our three cooks prepared refried beans, eggs and journey (local pronunciation sounds like “Johnny”) cakes
for breakfast.  This is a very typical first meal of the day for Belizeans.

After breakfast, the young men and women groups gathered for morning devotions in the chapel and then scattered throughout the camp grounds to play their favorite games.   Our first group project of the day was something called “Architect” – which allowed small teams to use only yarn and popsicle sticks to make structures that were no more than one foot square and one foot tall.  The assembly was constructed to find the building that could support the most weight.  

Shortly after this event, everyone was itching to play more sports - so back to the fields we went.  We had volleyball teams, soccer teams, basketball games, Twister being played on the open grass, boards games under the porches.  Young people and counselors were everywhere and excited to be there.

As we returned to the dining area for lunch, we could smell the aroma of stewed chicken, rice and beans and cole slaw.
It was, by far, the best lunch of the camp thus far.

After lunch, girls and boys separated for the afternoon devotional.  It has been great to experience the participation of the these campers in the spiritual component of camp.  They help to read scripture and most of them like to respond and answer questions about Christ and faith.

The afternoon found us playing team games again.  And as the sun rose high in the afternoon sky, a single water balloon came flying into a group of young people.  And let me say, it only takes one splash to "ignite" a water war for 60+ people.
Soon there were hundreds of water balloons flying, people being soaked with buckets of water, water hoses, water cups, water - water, and oh yes.... more water.  Liquid refreshment to soothe the summer heat and humidity and as many pranks as it took to quench the need for the slightest revenge. :)

We even organized an activity where the youth had to make shelters out of a small group of provided materials and then throw water balloons at the opposing team's constructions.

The end of the day brought showers and dinner for all and soon it was time for worship again.  Evening chapel was electric and the youth were very involved.  We covered the walls and windows with glow sticks, sang their favorite contemporary worship songs.  Brad Medford led the praise on guitar and Joy Roberts gave one of the most heart-felt testimonies I have ever heard in Belize.

As has become a tradition, we finished worship in the dark - with only the lights from glow sticks and the projector.  The kids love this time and they sang so loud I am sure all of Camalote village could hear us.

Well, I gotta run.  Late for breakfast again and another lively day lies ahead.  Pray for our team - pray for these youth.


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