Friday, April 6, 2012

Belize Update - Days 4 and 5 - April 5th and 6th

Our fourth day was the half-way point for the week. Most of the team spent the morning shopping or relaxing at Camalote Camp, while the Construction Team continued on with their project.

After lunch, our entire team headed out to a local river spot with the kids of Evangelical Quest Church. It has been extremely hot here, so this was very welcome break in the middle of the week. The water was cool, and everyone seemed to really enjoy their time there.

We concluded our 4th day by taking all the Evangelical Quest Church volunteers to dinner. This was just a way for Quest to thank the members of our host church in Belize for their incredible hospitality and generosity toward us. They are amazing hosts, and we really enjoyed the opportunity to tell them that and thank them with this dinner.

Day 5 began with breakfast, and then some planning for an outreach for the afternoon. All of our teams worked together to get out into local villages and deliver soap and other items to the people we visited. Additionally - about 50 kids from our host church were involved with this outreach effort. Our goal was to help them to see that they, too, could be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world they live in. Additionally - we stopped by the construction crew's sight for a dedication of the new homes they had built.

After a long afternoon, we headed back to camp for a bit of rest, and then dinner. Following that over 100 people gathered for Good Friday worship at Camalote Camp. The night began with kids re-connecting with us, then a powerful combined worship experience (where we and our Belizean sister-church came together as One for worship).

At the close of the service, Pastor German Gallardo called for anyone who wanted to give their lives to Jesus Christ to come forward. A couple dozen did. It was powerful as the Quest Team came up front to stand with and pray for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

We concluded the night with hanging out and getting a quick pic of our entire team....

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